London Metropolis – 1962. Marleen, 23, an ambitious recent arrival from Jamaica has big plans. She wants to revive her dancing dream of becoming the next Martha Graham. However, her mother, a hardnosed businesswoman who runs illegal blues dances on weekends, wants her to have a respectable job and therefore forces her to train as a nurse. Convinced she was born into the wrong social class, Marleen struggles to fit into her mother’s blue collar world. Everything changes when suave, silky haired, Valentine, 22, arrives from Jamaica and moves to the top floor of the Christian Caribbean household.


This film recounts the experiences of first-generation Jamaicans as they struggle to adapt to their new lives in the UK. The story will explore identity, friendship and community, creative authenticity and racial tropes.


Producer: Joy Gharoro Akpojotor of Joi Productions
(Blue Story, Boxing Day)

Currently in development with the BFI.