“Life Doesn’t Frigten Me at All!” – Celebrating the Fearless and Phenomenal Maya Angelou

A writer, an artist, a civil right activist, a poet, a visionary – so many words have been used to describe the phenomenal woman Maya Angelou. Yet they all fall short, unable to do justice to her monumental legacy.

Born to poverty and subjected to parental abandonment, sexual abuse, and numerous hardships, Angelou triumphed against all odds, rising to become one of the most inspirational figures of our age. Today, on what would have been her 90th birthday, we would like to share one of her less famous works, which nevertheless perfectly captures the essence of her teachings. An inspirational ode to courage, the poem Life Doesn’t Frighten Me is an essential work of art for children. It embodies Angelou’s firm belief that courage is the most important human virtue, a fundamental quality which must be nurtured in future generations.

Listen to the poem (recited by Angelou herself) in the video below, and share its inspirational message with your children, friends and loved ones.

Life Doesn’t Frighten Me
Shadows on the wall
Noises down the hall
Life doesn’t frighten me at all
Bad dogs barking loud
Big ghosts in a cloud
Life doesn’t frighten me at all
Mean old Mother Goose
Lions on the loose
They don’t frighten me at all
Dragons breathing flame
On my counterpane
That doesn’t frighten me at all.
I go boo
Make them shoo
I make fun
Way they run
I won’t cry
So they fly
I just smile
They go wild
Life doesn’t frighten me at all.
Tough guys fight
All alone at night
Life doesn’t frighten me at all.
Panthers in the park
Strangers in the dark
No, they don’t frighten me at all.
That new classroom where
Boys all pull my hair
(Kissy little girls
With their hair in curls)
They don’t frighten me at all.
Don’t show me frogs and snakes
And listen for my scream,
If I’m afraid at all
It’s only in my dreams.
I’ve got a magic charm
That I keep up my sleeve
I can walk the ocean floor
And never have to breathe.
Life doesn’t frighten me at all
Not at all
Not at all.
Life doesn’t frighten me at all.