IMDB’s List of 36 Horror Movies Directed by Women

Halloween week is the best time of the year to kick back and enjoy some spooky horror films. We know that the wide variety of titles available can make it difficult to decide what to watch but if you’re looking for suggestions, we highly recommend the IMDB’s list of 36 Horror Movies Directed by Women.

As the article points out, female filmmakers have been making horror movies as early as 1903, when pioneering director Alice Guy created the short Faust et Méphistophélès. Now, over a century later, we have countless chilling, disturbing and downright terrifying horror films created by women to chose from.
Although IMDB’s list barely scratches the surface of the titles available, it is nevertheless a great place to start, especially since it offers a wealth of different movie styles. From classic horror flicks like Pet Cemetery and bloody thrillers such as American Psycho, to deeply disturbing art pieces like In My Skin, and contemporary gems such as The Babadook, the list has a title for every kind of horror and suspense fan.

So grab the popcorn and prepare to be spooked!